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Our History

Our History

"we are simply passing through history, this... this is the history!"


The spark ignites during a weekend in London walking through a markey of vintage items and used clothes. His look was captured by an old black spoiled leather jacket similar to the famous Marlon Brando’s jacket.

The whole sequel was like an overflooding river..the project come to life: to produce a complete collection dedicated to leather jackets as they were worn in the most famous Hollywood movies.

The brand Hollywood Vintage Jacket came up: Martino studied the movies that made the American history and the biographies of the greatest actors, he downloaded thousand of frames, made the prototypes worn by the protagonists creating a cinematographic path that spans over half a century of cult, legends and myths.

Flagship of Jesolo - Venice

Dear friends, movies lovers, motors fans, bikers of all generations, when you go in the Hollywood Vintage Jacket store in Jesolo-Venice, you start a fantastic journey among past, present and future.
You will hear the roar of legendary motorcycles on the dusty American roads of the 50s with Marlon Brando, of the 60s with PeterFonda, of the 90s with Schwarzenegger and of the 2000 with Nicolas Cage.
The roars of the fighters jets will bring you in the skies of Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck or in stunts beyond the speed of sound with Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
We will all feel like explorers in the jungle with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.
Then.. would you like to be a superhero with the powers of Wolverine or Iron Man?
We also dream to drive Steve McQueen’s Porsche in LeMans, or the powerful muscle cars of the Nascar circuits in Driven to Win.
And you, bikers, have you ever desired to ride the FXRS Black Death and wear the legendary Mickey Rourke’s jacket in HarleyDavidson and Marlboro Man.
Hollywood Vintage Jacket of Jesolo-Venice will take you to the third dimension, where dreams meet passions, where myths and legends will always be by your side.


We start by carefully assorting the leather in order to find the same characteristics of color, thickness and grain for a perfect assembly.
Then it is the turn of the knife model cutting, for a constant control of the raw material, followed by the packaging piece by piece, garment by garment, giving rise each time to a unique creation.

Hollywood Vintage Jacket s.r.l.s.

P.IVA 04544070271
REA VE 425947
Capitale Sociale € 1000 i.v.

Piazza Mazzini, 21
30016 Lido di Jesolo (VE)
Phone: +39 393 9800491


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