VASCO ROSSI | MODENA PARK 2017 | Leather jacket


Leather jacket inspired by the one worn by Vasco Rossi in the legendary “Modena Park 2017” Concert.

A mythical jacket, a true icon of the Live Records Concert, to celebrate his 40 years of musical activity.

The Event was hosted at the Enzo Ferrari Park in Modena on 1 July 2017 and holds the world with the highest number of 225,000 paying spectators.

The concert included the performance of 40 Vasco Rossi songs, one for his each career year.

The color chosen by Vasco Rossi for his leather jacket is Modena yellow, in honor of the host city and in which he began his career as a DJ in 1977.


Stand out with what is much more than a perfect replica of Vasco Rossi’s jacket: wear a haute couture product, a unique piece, handmade in Italy and created with the same passion that makes the musical dream come true.

An unmissable creation for Blasco fans and for fans of the history of Italian Rock music.

With this replica of Vasco Rossi’s jacket, HVJ transports you to the Myth of Blasco and makes you relive the emotions of what was the protagonist of a true musical revolution.

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Some of the main features of our replica of  VASCO ROSSI – MODENA PARK 2017 jacket:

100% Real Italian lamb leather

length of the jacket cm.64

designed and produced in Italy with the highest quality materials


round, conical and pyramidal gunmetal studs on the left front, shoulders and back

“KOM” logo perforated in the bellows of the cuffs closed by zip

big gunmetal biker zip closure

  1. 2 external pockets closed by zip
  2. 2 inside pockets closed by zip

black lining with yellow and black trimmings

internal yellow leather label with embroidered HVJ logo

… Worn by Vasco Rossi

Life is a thrill that flies away. It's all a balance over the madness.

Vasco Rossi
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