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TORQUE  (2004)

American desert. Today. We are in the world of high-speed motorcycles.
Cary Ford (Martin Handerson) returns home after being away for six months and leaving everyone without news of him, including his girlfriend Shane (Monet Mazur); on his head a false accusation for drug dealing, and on his trail the FBI and the gang of Henry James (Matt Schulze), actually the real responsible for the shady traffic.
Shane doesn’t want to know about him, Henry wants his “stuff” back and the terrible Trey (Ice Cube) wants him dead, to avenge his brother.
A thorny situation to say the least for Ford and his two friends Dalton  and Val  who will find themselves involved in a fight without quarter at 150 miles per hour to save their skins.

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Creation inspired by the extraordinary leather jacket worn by CARY FORD in the movie “TORQUE”:

  • Three colors: black, white, red
  • length cm. 62
  • 100% original Italian lamb leather
  • 100% designed and produced in Italy
  • already prepared and supplied with the BETAC Protection Set: shoulders – elbows – back
  • 3 internal pockets, high quality lining, two-tone black/red
  • Vintage antique silver buttons and zips
  • zip-opening cuffs and leather bellows
  • sides with quilted band
  • “Torque” original style leather burnishing treatment
  • all original logos embroidered
  • on the front the large writing “CARPE DIEM” in white leather on a black background hand-cut
  • on the sleeves the leather writings “BATES” and “HJC” hand-cut
  • on the back the large WINGED PEGASUS embroidered
    Original “HVJ” internal label in embroidered leather

"It doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as you compete!"

Cary Ford
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