TOP GUN 2022 | MAVERICK | Winter Nylon Bomber


TOP GUN MAVERICK 2022: the best possible sequel, in perfect balance between past and present.

Here he is again Pete Mitchell intent on testing secret planes in the scorching sand of Nevada. Intemperate by the rules, he defies the laws of physics by taking a jet to precisely mach 10. Yet, drones and new military technology are displacing pilots. Machines obey without arguing, men by nature pursue doubt. So, cornered by the US Navy, he agrees to return to Top Gun School for an important assignment. Train twelve pilots in less than three weeks. The mission? Eliminate an enriched uranium deposit in an unspecified rogue country that borders NATO countries. By chance or fate, among the pilots there is also Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of Goose, Pete’s best friend who died thirty-six years earlier. In the film, the figure of Rooster is central, and merges with the torments of a Pete Mitchell who has become human and vulnerable. Definitely a great Cult destined to last for generations.

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Some of the main features of our replica of the winter bomber jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the 2022 “Top Gun MAVERICK” movie:

  • 100% Winter Nylon with very warm padded and quilted interior in green colour
  • designed and produced in Italy with high quality materials
  • color: Green US Navy Air Force
  • all original embroidered patches seen in the movie
  • left sleeve pocket with zip and “Remove before flight” key ring
  • zip closure and wind flap
  • external pockets with hidden velcro closure
  • internal pocket for objects
    … inspired by the bomber jacket worn by Maverick in Top Gun 2 !

"I must admit that I did not expect an invitation to return. ..."

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