Top Gun 1 | 1986 | Winter Nylon Maverick Bomber


Bomber inspired by the Flight Suit worn by Maverick, played by Tom Cruise in the 1986 movie “Top Gun” .. A mythical jacket, a legend of the Eighties; unmissable for movie lovers and flying enthusiasts.

Very light, very warm, windproof, all the features to be used throughout the winter season without fear of the cold.

Stand out with what is much more than a jacket inspired by the Maverick Myth: wear a haute couture product, a one-of-a-kind piece handmade in Italy and created with the same passion that brings the American dream to life.

HVJ transports you to the myth of Hollywood, and dedicates this bomber to those who live with fearless recklessness like Maverick / Tom Cruise in Top gun.

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Some of the mains features of our replica of the Maverick flight suit inspired bomber from 1986’s “Top Gun” movie:

  • 100% Winter Nylon with very warm padded interior
  • designed and produced in Italy with high quality materials
  • color: U.S. Navy green color
  • high visibility orange lining
  • all original Maverick flight suit patches
  • left sleeve pocket with zip and “Remove before flight” key ring
  • zip closure and wind flap
  • external pockets with hidden snap button
  • internal pocket
    … inspired by the flight suit worn by Maverick in Top Gun!

I feel the need.... the need for speed!

Maverick (Tom Cruise)
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