THE DUKES OF HAZZARD | General Lee | Leather Jacket


Leather jacket inspired by the 1981 cult TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

A jacket that becomes Myth, traveling companion of the daring adventures of the Dukes family, consists of cousins ​​Bo, Luke and Daisy and uncle Jesse.

The stories are set in Georgia in fictional Hazzard County.

Despite their sound principles of loyalty and fairness, as was the best tradition of many families in the deep south of the United States, they never gave up on the clandestine distillation of whiskey.

And that always leads them to have trouble with justice in the person in County Chief Jefferson Davis Hogg, known as the Boss.

Absolute protagonist of the series, their car, an orange Dodge Charger 1969 called “General Lee”, with the large number “01” on the doors and the Confederate Flag on the roof, with which Bo and Luke Duke try their hand at escapes and breathtaking chases, impossible jumps, most of the time against of Sheriff Rosco.

Stand out with what is much more than an iconic HAZZARD jacket: wear a haute couture product, a unique piece, handmade in Italy and created with the same passion that brings the American dream of life.

A must-have creation for fans of Bo and Luke and of Dodge Charger.

With this jacket inspired by “Dukes of Hazzard”, HVJ transports you to the 80s and makes you relive the Myth of a TV series that is in history.

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Some of the main features of our jacket inspired by “THE DUKES OF HAZZARD” serial tv:

100% Real Italian Super Light Lamb leather

jacket length 68 cm

designed and produced in Italy with the highest quality materials

color: BLACK and ORANGE

number “01” in white / orange leather on the left front

“Confederate” flag embroidered on the left sleeve

number “01” in white / black leather on the right sleeve

large number “01” in white / orange leather on the back

large “GENERAL LEE” logo embroidered on the back

zip closure and leather flap closed by press studs

  1. 2 external pockets closed by invisible press studs
  2. 2 inside pockets closed by zip

collar, cuffs and belt in orange stretch cotton

lining in black and orange

embroidered “Hollywood Vintage jacket” label

“You are a fool! If you took the hen from the golden egg you would eat it for breakfast! "

Boss Hogg
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