TERMINATOR Inspired | biker leather jacket


Calfskin leather jacket inspired by Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie and worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The second chapter of the saga is certainly the best one. Cameron reconciles science fiction with a series of ideas that lead the viewer to reflect on the concept of humanity and the mistakes that man is making for progress: we are in the 90s and there seems to be no brake on uncontrolled technological progress. A machine more human than man, without true feelings, sent from the future to protect the one who will be the hope of mankind in the fight against machines. Aside from the profound meanings, the plot is well constructed and the action sequences are unparalleled: involving the chase of the T-1000 aboard the truck and the subsequent intervention of the Terminator – Schwarzy aboard his Harley.



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Some of the main features of our “Terminator Inspired” leather jacket:

  • 100% real leather: genuine Italian calf leather
  • designed and produced in Italy with materials of the highest quality
  • color: black
  • length: 63 cm
  • elasticated shoulder gussets
  • Side-adjusting lacing
  • zippered cuffs with leather bellows
  • antique silver colored buttons, zips and buckle
  • leather zipper pullers
  • two-color high quality lining: black and gray
  • 3 inside pockets
  • “HVJ” leather label embroidered inside
  • … Inspired to Terminator jacket worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Come with me if you want to live!

Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
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