TAZIO NUVOLARI Inspired | Leather jacket


Motorcycle racing, for starters. Norton and then Bianchi, 1920s, strong straight away, with a passion for four wheels. He founded his own team, purchasing four Bugattis in 1927, in partnership with Varzi. Together for a moment, against forever. He, all fire, the other: a glacial cat. Enough to divide Italy, to give fascism an additional futurist frenzy. Rivals with Alfa Romeos, at the dawn of the Thirties. Mille Miglia and Targa Florio, the great races, won and lost in a delirium of gambles and legends, such as that, as famous as it was invented, of the “headlights going out in the night” to surprise Achilles and go on to win the 1930 Mille Miglia. The biographies report prestigious victories and superhuman feats. He who runs in a cast, who drives without a steering wheel, who loses pieces along the way, who is reborn anyway, in fact, he makes it. For sure: class and heart. A formidable attitude to gambling but also, above all, a world-class sensitivity. «The fastest man», as Gabriele D’Annunzio said, giving him «the slowest animal», a small golden turtle, which has been his symbol ever since.

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Main features of our “TAZIO NUVOLARI” Inspired leather jacket:

  • Two colors: brown+ivory
  • length cm. 70
  • 100% original Italian Lamb leather
  • 100% designed and produced in Italy
  • 3 inside pockets
  • high quality two colors brown+ivory lining
  • closure with tailored slots and buttons
  • original embroidered leather initials: T / N (Tazio Nuvolari) on right frontside ispired by his racing jackets
  • “Nuvolari” original style skin burnishing treatment
  • original “HVJ” internal label in embroidered leather

Death is the real companion of the pilot. During the race, I court her a thousand times, but she didn't want me. I think she'll make me die in my bed.

Tazio Nuvolari
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