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Rocky Balboa is a boxer of almost thirty years old who has never managed to make it in the ring: to make ends meet he works as a debt collector for an Italian-American gangster in Philadelphia. The boy is in love with the shy Adriana Pennino, sister of his friend Paulie. On Thanksgiving Day, Rocky convinces the young woman to go out with him and after spending the evening together, the two finally kiss.
Meanwhile, the world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed arrives in town to celebrate the bicentenary of the founding of the United States of America with a boxing match. But since the official challenger is injured, the choice of a replacement falls on Rocky Balboa, nicknamed The Italian Stallion. Rocky and his old trainer Mickey thus begin a very intense training period, returning to a physical form that he hadn’t known for a long time.
The evening before the match, Rocky confesses to Adriana that he is afraid, he knows that he will never be able to beat the great Apollo Creed, but he hopes at least to remain standing until the last round. The day of the challenge arrives and Apollo takes to the ring with a braggart look. The match begins and The Italian Stallion takes an incredible amount of blows, putting the champion in difficulty.

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Some of the main features of the leather jacket inspired by the one worn by Sylvester Stallone in the film “ROCKY ” 1976:

  • 100% genuine Italian lambskin
  • designed and produced in Italy with the highest quality materials
  • black colour
  • 2 external pockets closed by flap
  • length: 78 cm
  • two-tone lining: black and grey
  • 3 internal pockets
  • internal “”HVJ”” label in embroidered leather
    … inspired by ROCKY BALBOA’s 1976 jacket.

“If I can change, and you can change, then all the world can change.”

Rocky Balboa
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