ROCKY 2 Tiger Inspired | girl jacket


The leather jacket, made famous by the 1979 film “ROCKY II”, became an icon worn by Rocky Balboa in the sequel to the series, written, directed and starring himself. Set in Philadelphia, the film follows Rocky Balboa who, after his encounter with Apollo Creed in the first film, decides to retire and enjoy a comfortable life, buying a new house, a car, jewelry and luxury clothes. However, when faced with serious financial difficulties, wounded pride and eager to improve his family’s situation, the “Italian Stallion” agrees to return to the ring for a rematch against Creed. Distinctive elements of the film are his black jacket with an imposing tiger embroidered on the back and the legendary black Pontiac Trans Am with a golden eagle on the hood.

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Some of the main features of our women’s version jacket inspired by the film “ROCKY II”:

  • 100% Real Italian Super Light Lambskin
  • jacket length 57 cm
  • designed and produced in Italy with the highest quality materials
  • black colour
  • large colored TIGER embroidered on the back
  • zip closure
  • N. 2 external zipped pockets
  • N. 1 internal pocket
  • collar, cuffs and belt in black stretch cotton
  • black lining

embroidered label “Hollywood Vintage jacket”

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Rocky Balboa
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