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The plot is simple but full of emotions. Rocky Balboa is an Italian-American boxer who fails to make it in the sporting world. In fact, he earns his living by working for a gangster as an account collector. He lives in a studio apartment and is in love with Adriana, the shy sister of his dear friend Paulie Pennino. One day he decides to ask the woman out and she willingly accepts. So they go skating together and end up exchanging a kiss.
Shortly thereafter, heavyweight champion Apollo Creed arrives in Philadelphia to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States of America. On this occasion, the boxer he was supposed to fight withdrew due to injury. So the man, in order not to give up on the event, decides to challenge a stranger, always putting his world title on the line. The choice falls on Rocky who remains incredulous in the face of that proposal.
To prepare for the match he will train hard and shortly before the match he will confide to Adriana, who has now become his girlfriend, that he is aware of having no chance of winning against Apollo and that his only goal is to remain standing for everyone and 15 rounds. In this way he will prove to himself that he is really worth something. On the day of the match, in front of an audience that is all for Apollo Creed, he manages to avoid being knocked out and although he loses the match on points, the people applaud him enthusiastically for the courage and strength he demonstrated.

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Some of the main features of the leather jacket inspired by the one worn by Sylvester Stallone in the film “ROCKY I” 1976:

  • 100% genuine Italian lambskin
  • designed and produced in Italy with the highest quality materials
  • black colour
  • length: 76 cm
  • two-tone lining: black and grey
  • 3 internal pockets
  • 2 external pockets with flap
  • internal “”HVJ”” label in embroidered leather
    … inspired by Rocky Balboa  in “ROCKY I” !

The important thing is not how you hit but how you react to the hits you receive.

Rocky Balboa
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