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The story of Red Skull / Johann Schmidt.

He becomes a very young orphan and continues his childhood and adolescence between orphanages and the street. His life changes when, having become a waiter in a luxury hotel, one day he finds himself serving Adolf Hitler, he becomes his protégé and in his projects the Super Man idealized by Nazism. He receives a skull-shaped mask from the Fuhrer and takes the name of Red Skull. He becomes one of the cruelest hierarchs, and his actions prompt the United States to create a perfect Super Soldier capable of opposing him: Captain America. The two clash for the first time in Nazi-occupied Paris. Cap gets the better of the criminal, starting an interminable rivalry between the two.
Not content with being a mere subordinate of Hitler, Red Skull instructs Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, a prominent personality of the time often in conflict with Hitler, to found an alternative center of power: the HYDRA.

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… the main features of the Leather Coat worn by Red Skull  in the movie “Captain America – the first Avenger” 2011:

  • made of soft Italian lambskin
  • coat length 122 cm
  • double-breasted buttoning
  • chrome buttons with embossed symbol of the military eagle
  • closure belt with leather loops and chrome buckle
  • 2 front pockets closed by hidden chrome buttons and leather flaps
  • movement bellows on the back
  • large central vent for better usability
  • high quality cotton inner lining and thermal padding
  • 2 large inside pockets closed by zip
  • leather label inside with “HVJ Hollywood Vintage Jacket” embroidered logo

Tomorrow Hydra will rise to master of the World, carried to victory on the wings of the Valkyries.

Johann Schmidt / Teschio Rosso
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