KILL BILL Inspired | leather jacket


The star of the story is Beatrix Kiddo, code-named Black Mamba (Uma Thurman)), member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, a team of killers led by Bill.
When she realizes she is expecting a baby from her boss, worried about her future, she decides to change her life and flees to Texas under another identity. Here she meets a young man with whom she falls in love, and together they plan the wedding. During the marriage rehearsals, her old “friends” come to the Church of the Two Pines and massacre everyone present. Believing to have completed the mission, the killers leave, but she Beatrix is ​​still alive and she is transported to the hospital.
After four years, Black Mamba wakes up in a clinic bed. In an instant she realizes what has happened to her and that there is no more life in her womb. Without wasting time, she immediately puts her plan of revenge into action. She won’t find peace until she exterminates all team: Vernita Green, O’Ren-Ishii, Elle Driver, Budd and Bill.
She then goes to Okinawa, Japan, where she meets the mythical Hattori Hanzo who will make her a unique katana, which she will use in her revenge.

Size Chart


Inspired by the one worn by Uma Thurman in the movie “KILL BILL”:

  • kill bill yellow color
  • length cm. 57
  • 100% original Italian Lamb leather 100% designed and produced in Italy
  • 1 inside pocket closed by zippers
  • high quality two-tone black and yellow lining
  • black metal zippers
  • cuffs opening with zippers and leather bellows
  • sleeves bands and side jacket made by  perforated leather
  • all original embroidered patches of the movie
  • quilted leather collar and belt with snap buttons
  • original “HVJ” internal label in embroidered leather

…Inspired by the one worn by Uma Thurman in the movie “KILL BILL” !

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Hattori Hanzo
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