JOEY DUNLOP Inspired | leather jacket


JOEY DUNLOP….but he wanted “JOE” on his racing jacket.

Telling about Joey Dunlop means telling the story of a driver who is considered by many to be the greatest driver of all time.
The story of a man who chose those races in which victory is represented by reaching the end, a race against oneself between guardrails, sidewalks and trees that flow close by a few meters without protection at crazy speeds.

It was precisely against one of the many trees that Joey was used to leaving behind at times over 300km/h that his life ended, consigning to the role of legend a man who had found his dimension in road racing.

Current holder of the record for victories on the Isle of Man, 26, and winner of five consecutive world championships in the F1 class, Dunlop is one of the few riders who have managed to touch the hearts of all motorcyclists and beyond. Because as well as being a pilot of unquestionable value, in whom courage sometimes merged with recklessness, his life tells the story of a great man.

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Jacket inspired to the mithical Irish Pilot  “JOEY DUNLOP and to Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race:

  • Three colors: black + white + red
  • length cm. 66
  • 100% original Italian leather: lamb
  • already prepared and supplied with the BETAC Protection Set: shoulders – elbows – back
  • designed and produced in Italy
  • 3 inside pockets
  • high quality lining, two-tone black / red
  • buttons and antique silver zipper Vintage
  • openable wrists with zip and bellows in leather
  • bellows shoulders with elasticized band inside
  • treatment of original leather burnishing
  • all the embroidered logos
  • original internal label ” HVJ “in embroidered leather
  • …”JOEY DUNLOP” Inspired leather jacket worn on Tourist Trophy Race.

The secret to the Tourist Trophy is not knowing where to open the throttle, but where to close it.

Joe Dunlop
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