IRON MAN Inspired | biker leather jacket


Leather jacket inspired by the one worn by Tony Stark in the movie IRON MAN.

“Do not waste your life”. Simple and clear. Indifference to the consequences of your actions means that you are only abusing and/or making illusory use of your freedom, and especially if you have the good fortune of having more freedom of action than many others. Exactly what happens to the winning Stark: lots of freedom but no responsibility. “If you have great power you also have great responsibility”, this is the Marvel message that Prof. Xavier teaches to the X-Men of tomorrow. And the reference to the founding idea of ​​the United States is clear: the historical mission of leading country of the free world. Detractors explain the US will to power in this way and call it imperialism, but supporters are convinced of the opposite.

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Some of the main features of our “Tony Stark Inspired”  leather jacket:

  • 100% real leather: genuine lamb nappa
  • designed and produced in Italy with materials of the highest quality
  • color: black
  • length: 62 cm
  • decentered zip closure
  • zippered cuffs with leather bellows
  • gunmetal buttons and zippers
  • two-color high quality lining: black and gray
  • 3 inside pockets
  • “HVJ” leather label embroidered inside
  • … Inspired by of the original worn by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in IRON MAN movie !

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Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)
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