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Indecent Proposal – 1993 film is the story of a married couple who will see their love put to the test by a powerful businessman. David (Woodie Harrelson) and Diana (Demi Moore) are young, dreamers and lovers. To carry out his real estate project, they decide to go to Las Vegas and stake all their savings hoping to double them. Luck turns bad and in a few minutes they lose everything. That same evening, however, they meet a famous billionaire, John Gage (Robert Redford), who immediately does not hide a strong attraction towards Diana. The man, used to getting everything he wants, offers the couple a million dollars: in exchange he asks to spend a night of passion with the woman.

The leather jacket worn by Demi Moore was produced exclusively for the film by “Bultaco”, a Spanish company, famous for motocross and trial bikes from the 60s to the 80s, and a tribute to the great champion of the time MORROW. Hollywood Vintage Jacket wanted to create a truly exclusive creation.

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… the main features of the leather jacket inspired by “PROPOSAL INDECENT” movie and worn by Demi Moore:

  • 100% Italian lamb leather
  • 4 colors: white, red, black, yellow with vintage effect
  • internal lining in two colors black/white and already prepared for the insertion of protections: shoulders – elbows – back
  • all logos “BULTACO”, “CEMOTO”, “ABC”, “MORROW” made of hand-carved leather
  • zip closure in chromed metal
  • cuffs closed by zip and leather bellows
  • 2 front pockets closed by zip
  • adjustment straps on the hips
  • 1 inside pocket
  • internal leather label with embroidered “HVJ” logo

…Inspired by the one worn by Demi Moore in the movie “PROPOSAL INDECENT” !

It's only my body, not my mind, not my hearth

Demi Moore / Diana Murphy
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