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The adventures of the team of super villains who are loyal to everything but state law and forced to serve the government in exchange for lighter penalties continue.

A commando of prisoners made up of bizarre or superpowered characters is freed and involved in a very complicated mission in South America. The special effects are objectively perfect, the action has no respite, however, if you want to appreciate these films, you also have to accept that there are sharks with legs, man-sized weasels and giant space starfish. Indeed, probably their reason for being is precisely the irresistible drive towards the complete absence of logic.

Margot Robbins with her eclectic character of Harley Quinn remains the pivot of the film, alternating between homicidal frenzy and hilarious paradoxical adventures. The black and red leather jacket that she wears in some scenes is absolutely extraordinary and embodies all her double personality, depicted in the total asymmetry of cuts and colors.

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…the main features of the leather jacket inspired by the movie “Suicide Squad” and worn by HARLEY QUINN :

  • 100% Italian lamb leather
  • 2 colours: red and black with vintage effect
  • jacket length cm. 52
  • on the back large hand painted writing “LIVE FAST – DIE CLOWN”
  • zip closure in chromed metal
  • cuffs closed by zip
  • 2 front pockets closed by invisible zips
  • elasticated gussets on the back shoulders for better movement of the arms
  • 1 inside pocket
  • quality inner lining in two colors
    Internal leather label with embroidered “HVJ” logo

…Inspired by the one worn by HARLEY QUINN in the movie “Suicide Squad” !

"I love the rain. It's the angels jerking off on us."

Harley Quinn
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