Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man” Inspired leather jacket worn by Mickey Rourke in this cult movie.

Mickey Rourke is an actor who you love or hate, and for his admirers, in this film he is exceptional as always, with his face, look, smile and the role of the anti-hero full of regrets, resigned, imperfect and heartbroken, but still combative. The action comedy, although at times hilarious and with a script that is at times far-fetched and incomplete, is reinvigorated by the presence of the two iconic stars of the eighties, Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson. Their alchemy is evident in the exchanges, conflicts and reconciliations, confessions and complicities. Rourke, with his short hair and motorcycle jacket, perfectly embodies the heartbroken man living day by day, while Don Johnson offers a more thoughtful but no less charming counterpoint. Despite being a stereotyped and predictable action film, films like this, with memorable dialogues and protagonists who oscillate between melancholy and irony, comedy and rhetoric, are rare and sometimes truly missing.

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Some of the main features of our “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man” Inspired leather jacket”:

  • 100% real leather: genuine Italian calf leather
  • designed and produced in Italy with materials of the highest quality
  • already prepared and supplied with the BETAC Protection Set: shoulders – elbows – back
  • four colors: black, white, orange and yellow
  • 14 embroidered patches on the jacket: all the patches seen in the movie Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man!
  • burnished leather for a fashionable vintage effect
  • length: 65 cm
  • two pockets on the left sleeve – for Marlboro and Zippo
  • zippered cuffs
  • gunmetal zipper
  • two-color high quality lining: black and orange
  • 3 inside pockets
  • “HVJ” leather label embroidered inside
  • … “Harley Davidson and the The Marlboro Man” Inspired leather jacket worn by Mickey Rourke!

Oh God, if you're up there, looking down from wherever it is you look down from... look away now

Harley Davidson (Mickey Rourke)
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