HARLEY DAVIDSON AND MARLBORO MAN | Legal Motorcycle Helmet | Mickey Rourke


“Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man” Black Helmet.

We have created the only homologated motorcycle helmet in the world, inspired by the movie “Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man”. All our customers asked us for a helmet to match the fantastic Mickey Rourke jacket worn in the movie. So we picked up the main themes, which are the matte black background color, with the lightning bolts on the sides and the poker card combination “The dead man hand” on the back. All handmade in Italy. An object to own, to collect, to use.

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Homologated motorcycle helmet inspired by the leather jacket worn by Mickey Rourke in the movie “Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man”.

Main features:

  • handmade in fiberglass
  • approved
  • hand painted in matt black
  • on the sides the legendary lightning bolts of the back of Mickey Rourke’s jacket
  • on the back the combination of poker cards called “The dead man hand”
  • micrometric closure
  • Supreme leather / fabric blend interior

"Oh God, if you're up there, looking down from wherever it is you look down from... look away now"

Mickey Rourke
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