We made this collectible leather shoulder bag for all fans of the 1991 “Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man” movie. A great Mickey Rourke wearing the most famous biker jacket in the history of cinema. We chose the two dominant colors of the jacket, black and orange, embellished with yellow and white leather stripes. On the one side the word “HARLEY” as in the jacket, made with had-made cut leather letters, in the lower part the legendary lightning bolt in black and white leather. On the other side, the patches embroidered with the writing “Harley Davidson”, which is the name of Mickey Rourke in the movie, the writing “EVOLUTION” which is the engine of the motorbike of the movie, and the logo of the poker cards, which you find both on Mickey Rourke’s jacket and on the tank of his motorcycle.

An unmissable leather bag for those who love “Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man”.


Unisex leather bag with shoulder strap, inspired by the leather jacket worn by Mickey Rourke in the movie “Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man”.

Main features:

  • made of genuine calfskin with aged effect
  • colors: black, orange, white, yellow.
  • dimensions: width cm. 35 – height 40 cm – depth 13 cm
  • handles and adjustable shoulder strap made with automotive seat belts
  • embroidered patches and original leather lightning bolts of Mickey Rourke’s jacket
  • Sturdy black cotton inner lining with large pocket closed by zip

A collector’s item for all “Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man” fans.

"You know, if I had a nickel for every time some piece of shit pointed a gun at me I'd be a rich man."

Mickey Rourke
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