GRINDHOUSE | leather jacket


Leather jacket inspired by the one worn by Stuntman Mike, played by Kurt Russel in 2007’s “Grindhouse – death proof”.

Jungle Julia, Austin’s hottest DJ, knows that sunset is the perfect time to unwind with her best friends, Shanna and Arlene. The three girls do not go unnoticed as they venture into the night, from Guero’s to the Texas Chili Parlor. Not everyone just watches them from afar; Among the spectators there is also Stuntman Mike, a rebel who is no longer young, marked by scars and with an ambiguous look. Mike is behind the wheel of his mighty stunt car, waiting to lure them into his trap made of twisted sheet metal and blood. Many months later, we will find him still in action, always looking for young victims.

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Some of the main features of our version of Michael Delaney’s leather jacket:

  • 100% real Italian skin: lamb leather with metallic effect
  • designed and produced in Italy with the highest quality materials
  • color: light metallic grey
  • black piping along the seams in the racing style
  • all original embroidered patches  saw in the movie “Grindhouse”
  • length: 63 cm
  • opening wrists with snap buttons
  • zippers in black color
  • one-tone lining: metallic light grey
  • 2 external  pockets closed by snap buttons
  • 3 internal pockets
  • internal label “HVJ” in embroidered leather

…worn by Stuntman Mike in the movie “Grindhouse – death proof”!

Hey, Pam, do you remember when I said this car was death proof? I wasn't telling a lie ... this car is one hundred percent death proof. But to enjoy this advantage, honey, you should be sitting exactly where I am.

Stuntman Mike
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