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Leather jacket inspired by the one worn by Fonzie, played by Henry Winkler in the famous Happy Days series.

Motorcycle and car mechanic, Fonzie represents the classic successful Latin lover. Coming from an Italian-American family, he was left by his father together with his mother. At the beginning he shows himself as a somewhat lost and rebellious character, almost an homage to James Dean (of whom he has a poster in his small apartment above the Cunninghams’ garage). Over time, he emerges as a man of vast experience, who metaphorically contrasts himself with the Cunningham parents, exemplary representatives of the respectable bourgeoisie.

Fonzie moves between the extraordinary adventures of the famous Happy Days trio, Richie, Potsie and Ralph, and the life of Milwaukee, between the local Arnold’s and his private existence, made up of countless girls, motorcycle races, and a strong spirit of freedom and independence. In the trio’s misadventures, it is often Fonzie who saves the day for Richie, Warren “Potsie” Weber and Ralph (the “probies”, as he calls them), even offering them moral lessons, similar to those that Mrs. Cunningham gives him .

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Some of the main features of our “Fonzie” Inspired leather jacket”:

  • 100% real leather: genuine Italian lamb leather
  • designed and produced in Italy with materials of the highest quality
  • aged leather for a fashionable vintage effect
  • color: black
  • length: 66 cm
  • cuffs and belt in elasticated wool
  • 2 pockets on the front
  • gunmetal zipper
  • two-tone high quality lining: black and gray
  • 3 inside pockets
  • “HVJ” leather label embroidered inside
  • … “Fonzie” Inspired  leather jacket worn by Henry Winkler in Happy Days!

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Fonzie (Henry Winkler)
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